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Date Bible Passage Title Series Preacher Audio     Notes
03 Sep 2017 2 Peter 1:16-21 Is The Bible Clear? The Reformation Doctrine Of Scripture 'Alone' Church History Rev Dr Rohintan Mody 20170903-2Pet1v16-21-IsTheBibleClear-RevDrRohintanMody0.97337300 1504446604.ppt
27 Aug 2017 Acts 24, 25:23-26:32 How Do You Continue To Persevere In And Preach Christ Acts Rev Andrew Ong
27 Aug 2017 Psalm 22 The Most Excruciating Cry Psalms Pastor Andrew Wong
20 Aug 2017 Psalm 16 When The Heart Cries Out Psalms Rev Andrew Ong
20 Aug 2017 Acts 21:17-23:24 He Must Go To Jerusalem And Suffer Many Things Acts Pastor Andrew Wong
13 Aug 2017 Acts 19 - 20 What Can Derail A Christian Acts Rev Andrew Ong
13 Aug 2017 Psalm 8 O, Lord, How Majestic Is Your Name Psalms Pastor Andrew Wong
06 Aug 2017 Acts 18:1-19:22 The Word Of The Lord Jesus Acts Rev Andrew Ong
06 Aug 2017 Psalm 2 The World Belongs to God's Anointed King Topical Pastor Andrew Wong
30 Jul 2017 Acts 16:6-17:34 The Gospel Of Jesus For All Type Of People Acts Rev Andrew Ong
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