Our Sunday Services will be conducted online. If you would like information on how you may join them, please contact Pastor Andrew Ong at andrewongcj@singnet.com.sg. There will be no physical meetings at GB HQ nor 19F Charlton Lane.

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Mission & Obligations
Our Mission
  • Growing in God’s word: To provide effective Christian education in the Word of God to equip members of every age for holy living.
  • Growing together in serving God and one another: To provide opportunities and an environment for members to serve with their God-given gifts and to grow spiritually.
  • Going out with the gospel of Jesus Christ: To enable members to share the love of God, proclaim the Gospel and win lives for Him through personal outreach and caring ministries.
Our Obligations
  • We must pray earnestly and study the Bible, join in all the different meetings and services, especially keep the Lord’s Day, and attend the Lord’s Supper.
  • We must help in all the work of the Church and gladly perform good works.
  • We must do all we can to witness for the Lord, and also pay heed to leading our families and our children.
  • Inasmuch as the Church is the Lord’s Body, in all matters in which members are involved we must exercise mutual love, not forming parties nor creating strife and thereby causing damage to the Church.
  • We are responsible for supporting the Church’s normal expenses and any special needs.