Our Sunday Services will be conducted online. If you would like information on how you may join them, please contact Pastor Andrew Ong at andrewongcj@singnet.com.sg. There will be no physical meetings at GB HQ nor 19F Charlton Lane.

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BTPC podcast

BTPC podcast final

The BTPC podcast is a convenient way to listen to our regular sermons. Each new sermon will be downloaded automatically to your computer or mobile device once it becomes available. 

To access our BTPC weekly sermon podcast via your smartphone there are 3 options, namely:

Option 1
podcasticon82012 iPhone:
From your iphone, click here: iTunes-BTPC
Alternatively Go to
i)                     App: iTunes
ii)                    Search “BTPC”
iii)                   Subscribe
Option 2
2016-09-13-16_19_48-review_pocket_casts-jpg-400x250 Android:
i) App: Pocket Casts
ii) Search “BTPC”
iii) Subscribe
Option 3
Listening to podcast via website on your phone:

you may subscribe to http://btpcsingapore.libsyn.com/rss