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Date Bible Passage Title Series Preacher Audio     Notes
17 Feb 2019 2 Corinthians 5:8-21 Christ's Love Compels Us To Live For Christ Sia Steps To Talking About Jesus Rev Andrew Ong Sia Steps To Talking About Jesus620.mp3
10 Feb 2019 Isaiah 11:1-9 Hope Isaiah Pastor Wai Isaiah619.mp3
03 Feb 2019 Isaiah 8:11-9:7 Don't Follow The People, Wait And Trust In God Isaiah Rev Andrew Ong Isaiah618.mp3
27 Jan 2019 Isaiah 6 A Supremely Holy God Cleans An Unclean Isaiah To Preach To His People To Harden Them Isaiah Rev Andrew Ong Isaiah617.mp3
20 Jan 2019 Isaiah 5 Looking For Justice And Righteousness Isaiah Pastor Wai Isaiah616.mp3
13 Jan 2019 Isaiah 1 Wake Up And Don't Be Complacent Isaiah Rev Andrew Ong Isaiah615.mp3
06 Jan 2019 Isaiah 1:1-6; 36:1-5; 66:22-24 Isaiah Overview Isaiah Pastor Andrew Wong Isaiah614.mp3
30 Dec 2018 Matthew 28 The Resurrection And Commission Matthew Rev Andrew Ong Matthew611.mp3
23 Dec 2018 Revelation 19:9-21:1-22:5 The Great Banquet - Where Are We Headed Pastor Andrew Wong 613.mp3
16 Dec 2018 John 19:28-37 Fulfillment Christmas Message Pastor Wai Christmas Message610.mp3
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