Our Sunday Services will be conducted online. If you would like information on how you may join them, please contact Pastor Andrew Ong at andrewongcj@singnet.com.sg. There will be no physical meetings at GB HQ nor 19F Charlton Lane.

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Date Bible Passage Title Series Preacher Audio     Notes
28 Jun 2020 Psalm 30 The Merciful Saving God Psalms Pastor Andrew Ong Psalms699.mp3
21 Jun 2020 Psalm 27 I Will Trust in the Lord Psalms Pastor Andrew Wong Psalms698.mp3
14 Jun 2020 Psalm 23 The Shepard and the Host Psalms Pastor Andrew Ong Psalms697.mp3
07 Jun 2020 Mark 15:16 - 16:8 The King Who Comes to Die: The Dead and Risen Christ Mark Pastor Andrew Ong Mark696.mp3
31 May 2020 Mark 14:53-72 The King who comes to die: "Are you the Messiah the Son of the Blessed One?" "I am" said Jesus... Mark Pastor Wai Mark695.mp3
24 May 2020 Mark 14:27-52 The King Who Comes To Die Mark Pastor Andrew Ong Mark694.mp3
17 May 2020 Mark 14:1-26 Jesus' Death Explained Over 2 Meals Mark Pastor Andrew Wong Mark693.mp3
10 May 2020 Mark 13:1-37 Return of the King Mark Pastor Wai Mark692.mp3
03 May 2020 Mark 12:13-37 True Knowledge from Christ Mark Pastor Andrew Ong Mark691.mp3
26 Apr 2020 Mark 11:27 - 12:12 Judgement for Treason Mark Pastor Andrew Wong Mark690.mp3
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