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Date Bible Passage Title Series Preacher Audio     Notes
03 Nov 2019 1 John 2 Knowing God In Fellowship Means To Obey, To Love Not to Hate And Not Love The World 1 John Pastor Andrew Ong 1 John660.mp3
27 Oct 2019 1 John 1:1 - 2:2 Hold On To The Authentic Jesus Through The Witness And Message Of John 1 John Pastor Andrew Ong 1 John659.mp3
20 Oct 2019 Isaiah 66 We Now Know The Journey - Let Us Take Heed Isaiah Pastor Andrew Wong Isaiah658.mp3
13 Oct 2019 Isaiah 63:17-25 The Lord's Answer Isaiah Pastor Wai Isaiah657.mp3
06 Oct 2019 Matthew 6:19-24 Treasures That Last Forever Topical Talks Pastor Andrew Wong Topical Talks656.mp3
29 Sep 2019 Isaiah 63:15 - 64:12 The Prayer Of Faith Isaiah Pastor Wai Isaiah655.mp3
22 Sep 2019 Isaiah 61 Joyful Expectation Of The Anointed One Sent To Preach And Bring About God's Favour And Vengeance Isaiah Pastor Wai Isaiah654.mp3
15 Sep 2019 Isaiah 60 Our Hope In God's Glory Isaiah Pastor Andrew Wong Isaiah653.mp3
08 Sep 2019 Isaiah 59:15b-21; 63:1-6 God Alone Is Going To Judge And It Will Be A Terrible Judgement Except For The Repentant Who Will Be Redeemed Isaiah Pastor Andrew Ong Isaiah652.mp3
01 Sep 2019 Isaiah 58 Don't Fake It But Live God's Way Isaiah Pastor Andrew Ong Isaiah651.mp3
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