Our Sunday Services will be conducted online. If you would like information on how you may join them, please contact Pastor Andrew Ong at andrewongcj@singnet.com.sg. There will be no physical meetings at GB HQ nor 19F Charlton Lane.

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Date Bible Passage Title Series Preacher Audio     Notes
23 Feb 2020 Mark 6:31-56 The Compassionate And Persevering Shepherd-Lord Mark Pastor Andrew Wong Mark677.mp3
16 Feb 2020 Mark 6:1-30 The Rejection of The Gospel Mark Rev Andrew Wong Mark676.mp3
09 Feb 2020 Mark 5:1-43 Trusting In The One Who Has Divine Authority Mark Pastor Wai Mark675.mp3
02 Feb 2020 Mark 4:1-34 What is True Listening? Mark Pastor Andrew Ong Mark674.mp3
26 Jan 2020 Mark 2:18 - 3:6; 3:22-30 Blind Opposition Mark Pastor Andrew Ong Mark673.mp3
19 Jan 2020 Mark 2:1-17 Authority To Forgive Mark Pastor Wai Mark672.mp3
12 Jan 2020 Mark 1:16-39 Jesus Has Great Authority And Is On A Mission To Draw People Into The Kingdom Of God Mark Pastor Andrew Ong Mark671.mp3
05 Jan 2020 Mark 1:1-15 The Good News Mark Pastor Andrew Ong Mark670.mp3
29 Dec 2019 2 Peter 3:14-18 Growing and Looking Forward Year end service Pastor Andrew Wong Year end service669.mp3
25 Dec 2019 1 John 5:20 Christmas Service Christmas Sermons Pastor Andrew Ong Christmas Sermons668.mp3
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