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Date Bible Passage Title Series Preacher Audio     Notes
28 Oct 2018 Romans 16 Living In Gospel Unity with Gospel Partners Romans Pastor Andrew Wong Romans598.mp3
21 Oct 2018 Matthew 21 Jesus Declares His Kingship And His Death Matthew Pastor Andrew Wong Matthew594.mp3 Matthew21-JesusDeclaresHisKingshipAndHisDeath0.25472600 1540107146.pptx
21 Oct 2018 Romans 15:14-33 The Important Last Words Romans Rev Andrew Ong Romans596.mp3 Romans 15 LCD0.19308900 1540720449.pptx
14 Oct 2018 Matthew 20 Surprised By Grace Matthew Pastor Wai Matthew591.mp3
14 Oct 2018 Romans 15:1-13 Unity In Christ Reveals God's Glory Romans Pastor Andrew Wong Romans593.mp3
07 Oct 2018 Matthew 19 Follow Jesus With Childlike Faith Matthew Rev Andrew Ong Matthew590.mp3
07 Oct 2018 Romans 14:1-23 Acceptance Amongst Christians Romans Pastor Andrew Wong Romans592.mp3 Romans 14 The Acceptance between Christians0.53871100 1539606388.pptx
30 Sep 2018 Romans 13:8-14 Christians And Their Neighbours Romans Pastor Andrew Wong Romans588.mp3 Romans 13b Christians and Their Neighbours0.13301800 1538910893.pptx
30 Sep 2018 Matthew 18 Kingdom Living Is Being Humble, Not Stumbling Others, Church Discipline and Forgiving Other Matthew Rev Andrew Ong Matthew589.mp3
23 Sep 2018 Matthew 17 Jesus Is God Son and Sufferer Matthew Rev Andrew Ong Matthew585.mp3
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