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Date Bible Passage Title Series Preacher Audio     Notes
22 Apr 2018 Psalm 148 Praise The God Of Creation Psalms Elder Andrew Ong Psalms558.mp3
15 Apr 2018 Matthew 10 The King's Kingdom Mission Matthew Pastor Andrew Wong Matthew554.mp3
15 Apr 2018 Psalm 147 How To Persevere In Tough Times Psalms Rev Andrew Ong Psalms557.mp3
08 Apr 2018 Matthew 9 What Would You Do If Jesus Disagreed With You? Matthew Rev Andrew Ong Matthew552.mp3
01 Apr 2018 Romans 1:1-6 Resurrection Matters Easter Sunday Rev Andrew Ong Easter 2018551.mp3
01 Apr 2018 1 Corinthians 15:1-11 The Resurrection Of Jesus Easter Sunday Pastor Andrew Wong Easter Sunday553.mp3
30 Mar 2018 Romans 3:19-26 How Can We Be Made Right When We Are Wrong? Good Friday 2018 Rev Andrew Ong Good Friday 2018550.mp3
25 Mar 2018 Romans 8:18-39 Christian Have A Unshakable Hope In Times Of Suffering Romans Rev Andrew Ong Romans548.mp3
18 Mar 2018 Romans 8:1-17 Christian Assurance When Confronting Our Sinful Nature Romans Pastor Andrew Wong Romans547.mp3
18 Mar 2018 Matthew 7:13-20 Walk The Narrow Road Matthew Rev Andrew Ong Matthew549.mp3
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