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Date Bible Passage Title Series Preacher Audio     Notes
14 Mar 2010 Mark 8:22-38 Jesus Is the Christ, So Follow Him By Denying Yourself and Taking Up the Cross (The Servant King) Mark Rev Andrew Ong 100314-Mark8v27-outline0.97572300 1380611600.doc 100314-Mark 8v22 LCD0.97611900 1380611600.ppt
07 Mar 2010 Mark 8:1-21 True Faith Understand Mark Rev Andrew Ong Mark153.mp3 100307-Mark8-outline0.96057400 1378969570.doc 100307-Mark 8v1 LCD0.96092200 1378969570.ppt
06 Mar 2010 Deuteronomy Deuteronomy Part 1 - Introduction Deuteronomy Paul A Barker Deuteronomy201.mp3
06 Mar 2010 Deuteronomy 1- 3 Deuteronomy Part 2 - Preaching for Faithful Obedience (Deut 1-3) Deuteronomy Paul A Barker Deuteronomy202.mp3
06 Mar 2010 Deuteronomy Deuteronomy Part 3 - How to Read Old Testament Law Deuteronomy Paul A Barker Deuteronomy203.mp3
06 Mar 2010 Deuteronomy Deuteronomy Part 4 - The Triumph of Grace in Deuteronomy Deuteronomy Paul A Barker Deuteronomy204.mp3
28 Feb 2010 Mark 7:1-23 Be Truly Clean By Following Jesus And Not By Religion Mark Rev Andrew Ong 100228-Mark7v1-outline0.59921200 1380611444.doc 100228-Mark 7v1 LCD0.59956800 1380611444.ppt
21 Feb 2010 Mark 6:30-56 Jesus Is A Compassionate God And The Shepherd King Who Feeds His People With His Word Mark Rev Andrew Ong Mark154.mp3 100221-Mark6v30-56-outline0.55512800 1378969915.doc 100221-Mark 6v30 LCD0.55543600 1378969915.ppt
14 Feb 2010 Mark 6:1-29 Jesus, His Disciples and His Messenger John were Rejected, so Prepare to be Rejected Mark Rev Andrew Ong 100214-Mark6v1-29-outline0.40433200 1378970213.doc
07 Feb 2010 Mark 4:35-5:43 Do Not Be Afraid But Have Faith In Jesus Who Is God Mark Rev Andrew Ong Mark152.mp3 100207-DoNotBeAfraidButHaveFaith-RevAndrewOng0.11519000 1378969036.doc
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