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Date Bible Passage Title Series Preacher Audio     Notes
30 May 2010 Deuteronomy 31 - 34 God And His Words Is With Us Deuteronomy Rev Andrew Ong Deuteronomy166.mp3 100530-Deuteronomy31to34-outline0.19768500 1378975453.doc 100530-deuteronomy 31 LCD0.19800900 1378975453.ppt
23 May 2010 Deuteronomy 30 The Choice Is Yours - Make The Right Choice And Choose The Good Life Deuteronomy Rev Andrew Ong Deuteronomy165.mp3 100523-Deuteronomy30-outline0.74407700 1378974941.doc 100523-deuteronomy 30 LCD0.74441100 1378974941.ppt
16 May 2010 Deuteronomy 10:12-22 God Chose Us So Choose God Deuteronomy Rev Andrew Ong Deuteronomy164.mp3 100516-Deut10-outline0.19750200 1378974671.doc 100516-deuteronomy 10 LCD0.19773900 1378974671.ppt
09 May 2010 Deuteronomy 8 Remember God In The Good And The Bad Time Deuteronomy Rev Andrew Ong Deuteronomy163.mp3 100509-Deut8-outline0.02182300 1378974402.doc 100509-Deut 80.02212600 1378974402.ppt
02 May 2010 Deuteronomy 6 Fear And Love God By Obeying Him Deuteronomy Dr Tan Swee Teng Deuteronomy162.mp3 100502-Deut6-outline0.50822600 1378974193.doc 100502-Deut 60.50852000 1378974193.ppt
25 Apr 2010 Deuteronomy 5 God Saved You So Obey God Deuteronomy Rev Andrew Ong Deuteronomy161.mp3 100425-Deut5-outline0.53075400 1378973643.doc 100425-deuteronomy 5 LCD0.53111500 1378973643.ppt
18 Apr 2010 Deuteronomy 4:1-20 Obey God And Don't Forge tGod Deuteronomy Rev Andrew Ong Deuteronomy160.mp3 100418-Deuteronomy4-outline0.00953700 1378973490.doc 100418-deuteronomy 4v2 LCD0.00987800 1378973490.ppt
11 Apr 2010 Deuteronomy 1 God's Word Speaks To Us And Teaches Us Not To Fear Or Have Unbelief But To Have Faith In God Deuteronomy Rev Andrew Ong Deuteronomy159.mp3 100411-Deuteronomy1-outline0.93036700 1378972989.doc 100411-deuteronomy 1 LCD0.93066500 1378972989.ppt
04 Apr 2010 1 Cor 15:1-8 Forgiveness And The End Of Death Easter Rev Andrew Ong Easter158.mp3 100404-Easter-outline0.68854700 1378971086.doc 100404-easter 10  LCD0.68882800 1378971086.ppt
28 Mar 2010 Luke 13:1-9 Why Do God Allow Evil And Suffering In The World Topical Rev Andrew Ong Topical157.mp3 100328-WhyDoesGodAllowEvilAndSufferingInTheWorld-outline0.83436700 1378970909.doc 100328-WhyDoesGodAllowEvilAndSufferingInTheWorld-LCD0.46233800 1380613936.ppt
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